Dennis Graumann

Photo: © Dennis Graumann



When i was young, i was exposed to a lot of rock and metal music. My parents listen to The Beatles, Rolling Stones and my older sister to Helloween, Metallica and Iron Maiden.


1992 - I started playing bass guitar. 


2006 - I got my fist guitar lesson. 


2007 - I was ask to join The unPerfect as guitarist. We've recorded a couple of Demo tracks. Later the band split up.


2008 - Moved from Werdohl (Germany) to Solothurn (Switzerland). 


2012 - Joined a Rock/Metal Band called White Ash, played bass guitar.  Played also bass guitar for Low Down (Local Swiss bands).


2017 - Started playing acoustic guitar for Audio Seducer. We played only cover songs.


2018 - Me and Thomas Ischi teamed up to form the Deathmetal project CRYODEATH.


2019 - CRYODEATH released the first record "Path Of Decay" in February. 


2019 - Me, Sam Steffen and Tom Känzig formed the band Void Machine.


2020 - CRYODEATH released the second record "Slaves Of Time" in May. 


2020 - Void Machine released the first self titled record in September.


2021 - I released the instrumental trilogy “The Orbital Decay Of A Binary Star”, "Pale Blue Dot" and Beneath The Waves". 


2021 - CRYODEATH released the third record "Banished For Eternity" in August. 


2022 - Void Machine released the first EP "Harvest of Sorrow" in November. 




Void Machine 2019-Present

Dennis Graumann - Vocals, Bass

Sam Steffen - Guitar

Tom Känzig - Drums


CRYODEATH 2018-Present

Dennis Graumann - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Thomas Ischi - Lead Guitar

Audio Seducer 2017-2019

Lars Pohland - Vocals, Guitar

Dennis Graumann - Lead Guitar

White Ash 2012-2014

Marcel Känzig - Vocals

Thomas Ischi - Lead Guitar

Rolf Schwab - Guitar

Dennis Graumann - Bass

Tom Känzig - Drums

Low Down 2012

Lars Pohland - Vocals

Sam Steffen - Guitar

Daniel Kaufmann - Guitar

Dennis Graumann - Bass

Pascal Wicky - Drums

Jan Metzler - Turntables

The Unperfect 2007-2008

Janine Schürfeld - Vocals

Dennis Graumann - Guitar

Michael Zwietasch - Bass

Uwe Carsten Obier (Obee) - Drums


Photos: © Dennis Graumann