Photo: © Dennis Graumann


Dennis Graumann was born on 13th February 1982, in Germany. At the age of ten and influenced by bands like Nirvana, Helloween, Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden, he started to play bass guitar. 

In 2007 he was asked to join the local band The unPerfect as guitarist. 

After recording a couple of demo songs, the band split up.



Punkrock, Electronic and Metal


He moved to Switzerland in 2008, and started to record his first two Punkrock albums “Censored” and “Whatever” 

These records where released during fall 2008 and summer 2009. 

The Electronic instrumental album “Translation” was released in 2010


Between 2012 and 2018 he was playing in different bands and projects like White Ash, Low Down and Audio Seducer. 


In 2018 he started with Thomas Ischi the side project CRYODEATH. The first album, “Path of Decay” was released in February 2019 and the second record “Slaves of Time” in spring 2020. 


The instrumental guitar album “Sea of Tranquility” was released during fall 2019. 


In 2019 he co-founded the band Void Machine. The self-tilted album Void Machine was released in September 2020. 


The instrumental trilogy “The Orbital Decay Of A Binary Star”, "Pale Blue Dot" and Beneath The Waves" was released in 2021. It is a blend of electronic sounds, synthesizers and electric guitars.




Void Machine 2019-Present

Dennis Graumann - Vocals, Bass

Sam Steffen - Guitar

Tom Känzig - Drums


CRYODEATH 2018-Present

Dennis Graumann - Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Thomas Ischi - Lead Guitar

Audio Seducer 2017-2019

Lars Pohland - Vocals, Guitar

Dennis Graumann - Lead Guitar

White Ash 2012-2014

Marcel Känzig - Vocals

Thomas Ischi - Lead Guitar

Rolf Schwab - Guitar

Dennis Graumann - Bass

Tom Känzig - Drums

Low Down 2012

Lars Pohland - Vocals

Sam Steffen - Guitar

Daniel Kaufmann - Guitar

Dennis Graumann - Bass

Pascal Wicky - Drums

Jan Metzler - Turntables

The Unperfect 2007-2008

Janine Schürfeld - Vocals

Dennis Graumann - Guitar

Michael Zwietasch - Bass

Uwe Carsten Obier (Obee) - Drums


Photos: © Dennis Graumann